Natural Wood Coasters Set - Real Lanceolata wood Slices - While Adding an Authentic Rustic Feel to Your Home - (Set of: 4 or 6)

COASTER TABLE SAFE - No one likes those tacky drink rings on surfaces that aren't supposed to be there. This Rustic coaster set for your drinks is usually purchased for the Rustic feel. Not only are you getting the rustic feel but these table coasters are safe for all surfaces and will protect you from unwanted liquid rings.
NATURAL RUSTIC WOOD LOOK - If you're anything like me, you want to bring that experience into your home. Having these Natural Wood coasters made out of real Lanceolata wood slices will help you do just that.
WHY LANCEOLATA? - You might have noticed that the reason why the most durable wooden utensils are made out of Lanceolata wood has everything to do with the fact that it is just solid, hard, strong, durable wood. These drink coasters can withstand just about anything your kitchen can give it.
PROTECTION FOR - Tea Cups, Coffee Mugs, Beer Cans, Water glasses and any other drinking cup that may sweat liquid.
W:35g/1.3oz Single product

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